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Members Only

The Crafty Lion Members Area is for our production crew only. If you would like to join our production crew, please contact our founder at Please provide samples of your work for evaluation.  

Thank you.

Current Projects

Governance is a trilogy of films set in the 32nd Century, with each film showing the drastic changes in the universe’s governing body.

The idea for this trilogy first evolved in the late 1990s and has been a dream project of ours ever since.

The first film - which we are currently trying to finance - starts of with an intergalactic police force investigating the actions of a corrupt fellow officer. The film then shifts gears as police try to rescue two of their own after the pair are kidnapped by a highly-powerful racial crime syndicate, Human Pride.

If the film is successful, two more will be made in which Human Pride take over governing the galaxy. The surviving factions from the first film then have to defeat them in an attempt to return the galaxy to some sort of governing normality.

Inner Paradox is an experimental/medical thriller about a young woman trapped in a coma who needs to find out how she got there. We are currently planning on shooting it as a short film. If successful, we will finance it as a feature fiim.

In Development


A pilot script is currently being written up for a potential web series about an experimental police unit created to fight a city's rising crime rate. Tired of the increased cunningness of the city's criminals, the unit comprises of a selected group of unorthodox officers who have also been regarded as the best in their field.

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